Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artificial Intelligence: Advantages and Disadvantages

Artificial Intelligence is computer programs that can engage in human-like reasoning. Advantages and disadvantages of AI are listed below. Please comment based on your opinion and/or experience with AI.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence
  • Can take on stressful and complex work that humans may struggle/can not do.
  • Can complete task faster than a human can most likely
  • To discover unexplored things. i.e. outer space
  • Less errors and defects
  • Function is infinite

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence
  • Lacks the "human touch"
  • Has the ability to replace human jobs
  • Can malfunction and do the opposite of what they are programmed to do
  • Can be misused leading to mass scale destruction
  • May corrupt younger generation


Please add to advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Also, please share your experience with the technology.